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Our son was a part of the Arrowsmith program for 2 years in 7th and 8th grade.  It was a game changer for him and for us!  Prior to the program he struggled with a serious processing disorder and ADHD. He had the intelligence but not the ability to access it. Through the loving leadership, guidance and encouragement of Joy and Keri, our son began to flourish and we saw marked improvements in his attention and increased understanding very quickly. The most important changes in our son are his confidence, ability to track and participate in conversations, understand "big ideas" and concepts and access his intellect.  He is a Junior in High School now and does well academically, athletically and socially.  He will always have to work harder than most kids academically but now he can apply himself independently and have success!  Our home is no longer a homework battle ground and we are all immensely grateful for his Arrowsmith training.



We enrolled our son in Arrowsmith his 8th grade year. The program was not easy and many times felt downright exhausting for him.  BUT, with hard work and incredible perseverance on his part, a year later we can see it has paid off tremendously!  To our joy, he was accepted into a prestigious private high school and is able to maintain an A/B average for the first time in his life! His ability to stay on task and organized has been astounding! He not only is more confident and successful in academics but also in social settings.  He has great friends, participates in sports and enjoys being active in his high school experience.  What we have seen change in our son is remarkable!  We know this has changed the course of his life!  This change could not have been achieved by an IEP or years of tutoring.  We are so grateful for Arrowsmith and the wonderful teachers in this program.  They are changing lives!



Arrowsmith has been instrumental in helping our son!  The changes that we have seen in him after two years in the program are incredible. His confidence has increased with the help of Arrowsmith.  He now walks with his head up looking forward rather than down at the ground.  He was more timid and shy before and now he has matured into a talkative, confident young man.  The program also has helped him to successfully follow and contribute to conversations around him. He is no longer confused or lost. He used to ask a lot of questions trying to understand the content of the conversation.  The change in him is noticeable and remarkable.  The changes in him are evident through the hard work and dedication that he has put in the past two years.  We are grateful for the opportunity to have him in Arrowsmith and the lifelong changes that have occurred in his brain.



The time spent in Arrowsmith with Joy and Keri truly changed the trajectory of my daughter’s life.  After spending an excessive amount of time and money on a wide range of interventions with tutors and specialists, her dyscalculia was still preventing her from succeeding in math. Our whole family was very frustrated and losing hope. We made the decision to take the “leap of faith” and sign her up for Arrowsmith. When she began Arrowsmith in 7th grade, she could not even tell time.  Her math skills were at a first grade level, and her self esteem was remarkably low. Between my daughter’s drive and determination along with the supportive and loving learning environment that Joy and Keri provided, my daughter showed improvements quickly.  I am proud to say that my daughter just finished her freshman year at a prestigious private high school with a 4.1 GPA.  This included taking grade level math and completely comprehending and retaining it. I am forever grateful that my daughter is no longer held back by her learning disability and is now able to pursue her life dreams!



It’s difficult to put into words what a difference this program made to both my son and our entire family.  My son was diagnosed with ADHD in second grade and evaluation results always showed high intelligence with mild working memory issues.  He worked hard i n school, probably twice as hard as all of his peers and was still struggling to keep up. As a parent, I spent hours reading his academic textbooks from 4th-6th grade, making flashcards, and reviewing material with him before exams.  We spent afternoons and weekends with tutors and therapies (Occupational Therapy, Vision Therapy, etc.) and summers focused on “catching up” so he would be ready for the next academic year.  It was exhausting and honestly, not-sustainable. At the time, I was working as a speech therapist in a local high school and having nightmares about how he would ever make it through middle school and high school, much less college.  


We took a “leap of faith” and joined the Arrowsmith Program at the beginning of his 7th grade year.  Within the first few weeks, we noticed an immediate change in his handwriting.  The boy who spent years in private Occupational Therapy sessions with a targeted handwriting program, but showing minimal success now dramatically had legible handwriting.  My son was exhausted at the end of each day during his full-time Arrowsmith Program, but happy.  Keri Leasure and Joy Toro, the teachers in the program, were amazing and so supportive.  I think my son finally found a place where he belonged... smart kids who just learn “outside the box”.  In addition, my son began having success in his academic classes without the typical struggles.  Our neuropsychologist even saw changes in areas that don’t typically change for children like my son and he not only maintained, but continued to make improvements on these measures long after he had completed the program.


Fast forward... and five years later, my son is a high school junior taking all college preparatory classes at a local private high school.  He is working to complete his Eagle Scout Project and researching colleges and careers, while preparing to take ACT/SAT exams.  I can’t imagine that this would have been possible without the Arrowsmith Program.


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